Creating a Run-time Package for an Electron Server Plug-in


1) Create a Package Project to produce a package with a BPL extension.
2) The "Requires" List of the package should include: 


3)  Electron Server ships with two core run-time packages: 
    a) The Plug-in Manager libary name PkgPluginMgr_[delphi_version]
    b) and the Electron Server Library named E2_[delphi_version]    		           
    For instance, the Delphi 2006 version of the E2 library would be 
    E2_D2006 and the Delphi 7 version would be E2_D7.
4)  DCP versions of these two libraries are also included in the 
    application's root directory and will be needed for compiling 
    your own custom packages.  Place the DCP files within scope
    of Delphi's "Library Path" or "Search Path" so that the IDE
    can find them at compilation time.
5) Add your plug-in class units to the package and compile.
6) Place your compiled BPL in the ..\E2WebServer\Plugins\E2Plugins directory.  

7) You are ready to go!  Run E2Webserver, and it will find and load your BPL.     

Debugging a Run-time Package against E2Webserver.exe

1) Open your intended Run-time Package in the IDE.
2) Go to the Delphi Menu and choose Run | Parameters
3) In the Run Parameters dialog, designate E2Webserver.exe 
   in the Host Application field.
4) Press F9 and to Run and Debug your package.  Its that easy!